Tobacco control expertise

I am a cultural anthropologist specialized in research about tobacco control, the tobacco world market, corporate misconduct and human rights abuses. As a co-founder of Unfairtobacco in 2004, my tobacco control expertise spans more than 10 years. Unfairtobacco was honoured with a World No Tobacco Day Award by the World Health Organization in 2017: “In its partnerships and collaborations, your organization builds bridges between various areas and the people working in tobacco control, sustainable development and public health and trade agreements.”

I am also a founding member and board member of the Health and Trade Network that envisions a world where trade agreements are designed to support health and protection measures. In addition to that, I am a board member of the Human Rights and Tobacco Control Network since November 2017.

Research focus

  • Development and human rights challenges in tobacco farming
  • Child labour in tobacco production
  • Cigarette companies’ misconduct regarding tobacco advertising (targeting youth)
  • Human rights and tobacco control in general
  • Political interference, lobbying and Corporate Social Responsibility of tobacco companies
  • Tobacco industry’s use of free trade agreements and Investor-State Dispute Settlement measures (ISDS)
  • Tobacco consumption and production as a challenge to the achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Research methods

  • Interviews and participant observation
  • Analysis of peer-reviewed literature
  • Analysis of data provided by FAOSTAT, COMTRADE and others
  • Analysis of newspaper articles and documents such as companies’ annual reports and extracts of commercial registers, including internal tobacco industry documents

Recent media appearances

February 2016, Deutschlandfunk Nova: Eine Stunde Talk (one hour talk programme about me and my advocacy for the regulation of tobacco industry; German only)

November 2016, Bayern 2: Heat Not Burn – Die Zukunft des Rauchens (programme about e-cigarettes and the tobacco industry, my contribution was a description of tobacco industry marketing strategies; German only)


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(English translation coming soon. Title: Untapped resources: tobacco taxes and sustainable development)

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