My background in cultural anthropology informs my work as a journalist. Anthropological fieldwork and journalism have much in common, especially when it comes to articles and productions that need a longer research period, like documentaries. The observation of developments over a longer time and the detailed analysis of a situation are central to both fieldwork and documentaries.
Currently, I mostly work on issues related to migration and refugees. In several documentaries for the BBC, for example, we follow refugees and other people in Germany over long periods and document how their lives develop.

Professional skills

  • Research
  • Audio recordings
  • Photography
  • Interviews with traumatized people
  • Finding contributors
  • Translations German <-> English
  • Organisation, fixing and production
  • Storytelling

Recent Projects

TV documentary: Welcome to Germany
October 2017
BBC World Service
Watch here: Welcome to Germany
Reporter and Producer : Catrin Nye
Director, Camera and Editor: Ben Lister
Assistant Producer: Laura Graen

Radio documentary “Die Klassen”
February 2016 – September 2017
BBC World Service
Presenter: Amy Iman Zayed
Producers: Tim Mansel and Laura Graen
Die Klassen (part 1): How Syrians Adapt to Life in Germany (February 2016)
Die Klassen (part 2): Health and Family (May 2016)
Die Klassen (part 3): Waiting and Hoping (October 2016)
Die Klassen (part 4): Die Trennung (September 2017)

TV documentary “Europe’s Forbidden Colony”
February 2017
AlJazeera English / Banyak Films
Presenter: Srecko Horvat
Watch here: Part 1 & Part 2
I provided fixing services for the filming parts in Germany

Article: Germany’s Syrians now waiting for their families
February 2016
BBC News Magazine
Read here: Germany’s Syrians now waiting for their families
Author: Amy Iman Zayed
Pictures: Laura Graen (and others)

TV documentary: Welcome to Germany
December 2015
BBC World Service
Watch here: Welcome to Germany
Presenter: Catrin Nye
Director: Ben Lister
Fixer: Laura Graen